Herman Meyer & Son Inc. is located at 1338 Ellison Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky, 40204. Our building was constructed in two separate phases, the first completed in 1957, the second in 1961. Herman Meyer & Son Front EntranceOver the years, we have frequently updated both our building's interior and exterior. Most recently, we have upgraded the exterior with all new windows and enclosed both the front and lower entries. We have also installed automatic doors at the upper level entrance.  The interior has been updated numerous times.  Recently, an extensive remodeling of the upper level interior was completed.  This included painting all of the rooms, replacing the ceilings, installing new lighting and carpet, as well as an improved sound system.  In 2007, the entryway and the hallway areas and in 2009 the men's and women's restrooms were renovated.

Our 10,000 square foot facility consists of one large chapel, two smaller chapels, two visitation areas, a separate family room - all capable of seating 500 when combined - and ample parking.Side View of Heran Meyer & Son Facility

The services we offer include pre-arranging funerals; providing funerals either here, in the funeral home in a religious facility, at the graveside or any other location you prefer; cremation services; or the shipping or receiving of remains from anywhere in the world.




Below are several interior views of our service area. 


Front entryway


Hallways leading to service rooms.


Family Room


The main service room


The secondary service room


Combined seating area holds 500 people.

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